HourVoice is a fledgling social enterprise based in Chicago, “the city of broad shoulders.”

Our team is small but experienced, and committed to improving the lives of low-wage hourly workers.

We share many peoples’ goal, to “do well by doing good.” We believe just “doing good” at scale is nearly impossible to sustain financially, and merely “doing well” is insufficiently motivating. We expect to become a Public Benefit Corporation, and are happy talk to impact investors who believe in our transparency approach and mission.

We’ve launched (very quietly) in Chicago, and are steadily adding users, employer ratings and functionality. We’ll expand city-by-city, then country-by-country – contact us to add your location to the launch schedule.

Sign up for occasional updates:

You can reach us at inquiries@hourvoice.com

If you work hourly, give HourVoice a try.

It’s free, and doesn’t take up space on your phone. With the app, you:

  • Can track your hours, and make sure you’re properly paid (including overtime)
  • Rate your employer, and see ratings on other employers. You can find a better job.
  • Learn about your work rights, and how to assert them.
Get Empowered, Try HourVoice
“One of my pet peeves with hourly working is that I would like to know how much I’m making and when I clock in and when I clock out…. It would have benefitted me if I had this the past few years, it provides peace of mind.”
Starbucks Barista

“This is a potential game-changer.”

Union Official