Although HourVoice’s mission is to help low-wage hourly workers, it’s clear that white collar employees also need advocates. This time it’s software engineers who are the victims, and The Walt Disney Company that’s being sued in federal court.

The issue here is the H1-B visa program, designed to allow skilled workers from outside the U.S. to fill openings that couldn’t otherwise be met by U.S. citizens. Companies must certify that these workers won’t “adversely affect the working conditions of U.S. workers similarly employed.”

Yet 250 Disney tech employees were let go at the same time that Disney’s IT contractors, India-based HCL and U.S.-based Cognizant, brought in workers under the H1-B program. The lawsuit charges that Disney, HCL and Cognizant lied under oath by saying that no Americans would lose their jobs.

The tech industry has long clamored for more H1-B visas, saying the current limit of 85,000 a year is far too low, but the Disney experience, and a similar incident at SoCal Edison, undercuts that message.

Get more details from the NY Times article by Julia Preston: “Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants”.