One of the great advantages of “fissuring the workplace” (franchising, subcontracting, outsourcing) for a large company is that it can apply tremendous pressure on the smaller entities, then disclaim responsibility for the inevitable bad behavior from them that was caused by that pressure.

In the past, it’s no surprise that when we’ve relayed news about wage theft, it’s usually about some franchisee (Papa John’s franchisees seem to have this problem in spades). The franchisor then issues a statement saying they follow all the laws and are shocked, yes, shocked that any of their franchisees would stoop to such depths.

This time, however, the responsibility lies with the lead company, Domino’s Pizza. The New York State Attorney General (it’s almost always the NY AG) has sued Domino’s Pizza Inc. for knowingly using a computer system that underpaid its workers. Based in a four-year investigation, the state alleges that employees at 10 NY stores were cheated out of $567,000 in pay. It claims that Domino’s corporate knew about flaws in the payroll system but didn’t fix them.

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