Fresh from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

You can get a bigger version by clicking on the chart. To go all interactive, try here.
The 45° line indicates zero job opening growth. Any dots above that line mean a growth in openings. The farther out the dot is from the origin (0,0), the more openings. The farther above the line, the faster the growth in openings.
And that concludes our refresher on the Cartesian coordinate system.

So the action is hottest in:

  • Professional and Business Services (1,071,000 openings in November 2015)
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance (940,000)
  • Accommodations and food services (627,000)

The professional/business services category covers a pretty wide range of workers, so before you infer that we’re hiring huge numbers of doctors, lawyers, and high-powered management consultants, note that the median weekly wage for this sector is $915.

Note also that Federal job openings growth (black square) is pretty low in both rate and magnitude. On the other hand, state and local governments – at least collectively – are the fifth largest source of openings (green triangle).