HourVoice™ is launching a crowdsourced “workplace transparency platform” to help hourly workers.


  • Think of a McDonald’s crew member, a sales clerk, or a home care worker. They don’t belong to a labor union. What bargaining power do they have?
  • Think about the new restaurant you’re about to try — what do you know about how it treats its workers?

If you’re like most people, you answered “not much” to both questions.

We think that needs fixing.


At HourVoice, we think that transparency – in the form of data – can go a long way in solving these and other workplace problems.

Workers will answer educational survey questions about pay, hours, benefits and other aspects of the workplace, and in turn see similar information on other employers. They can see how well they’re doing and maybe find better places to work.

Worker Advocates – labor organizations, regulators, researchers and litigators – can use this “ground truth” data to identify “hot spots” – workplaces where workers are being mistreated and need help.

Social Impact

We expect that increased transparency in the workplace will provide a number of important benefits:

  • Greater compliance with existing labor laws, with lower enforcement costs
  • Higher income for the lowest quintile of workers
  • Higher profits for responsible employers and greater pressure on “bad actors”
  • Increased support for fair labor practices

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