HourVoice has been invited by the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy to participate in their annual invitation-only conference (still not entirely sure how we got invited). We’ll be showcasing HourVoice at the “poster session” at the conclusion of the meeting.

They’ve got a great list of speakers, including long-time acquaintance Tom Davenport, Paul Daugherty from alma mater Accenture, and Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee from MIT, among many, many others.

“The Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) is a major effort focused on the impact of digital technology on businesses, the economy, and society. Drawing on MIT Sloan’s strengths in technology and innovation, its internationally recognized faculty, and more than a decade of research and partnership with MIT Sloan’s Center for Digital Business, the IDE is analyzing the broad sociological changes brought about by the advance and spread of digital technology.

“The Annual Conference is the IDE’s flagship event, bringing together our thought leaders, researchers, and industry stakeholders for a day-long deep dive into the latest research on the digital economy.”

Meanwhile, we’re off to the art supply store…