In a victory for worker rights, class action suits, and the validity of statistical inference, the justices (6-2) held that the 3,000 workers at Tyson’s Iowa pork processing plant were entitled to be paid for the time spent putting on protective clothing, and that that time could be estimated based on observations of a large sample of workers. The decision is worth $5.8 million, or a little over $1,900 per worker.

For more, see the Chicago Tribune article.

Companies now try to prevent or prohibit class action lawsuits brought by workers and consumers, preferring each case go to arbitrators who (critics say) often think of the corporations as their clients. Today, the agreements that consumers sign with corporations often now prohibit lawsuits, and force any dispute to arbitration. Democratic Senators Leahy and Franken have introduced a bill to limit the use of arbitration for various types of lawsuits. For more, see this New York Times article.

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