HourVoice just completed a two-day dissection of its business model by mentors at The Workers Lab, and I think we survived.

Through some very lucky networking (thanks to Aaron Sojourner of U of Minnesota), we heard about the opportunity just the day before the deadline, and hustled up an application. HourVoice was one of four startups selected out of a crop of 25. Like I said, lucky.

Other teams were from Arizmendi Coop, KIWA, and Fair Workweek Initiative.

For pre-work, each team developed their Business Model Canvas. At the session, Michael Bush of Great Place to Work and the mentoring crew (and other teams) critiqued and made suggestions for improvement. Through some intense back-and-forth, we might have finally figured out how to explain HourVoice’s value prop in a way that truly resonates with customers.

And it’s beyond a cliché to say that networking is valuable, but wow, in this case was it ever. I’m looking at you, Janice Fine – thanks!

Kudos to Carmen Rojas and Daniell Wells of the Lab for putting on such a great experience.