…Republican State Senator Brent Jackson of Autryville, North Carolina.

Brent is also a farmer, owning Jackson Farming Company, which grows melons, strawberries, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and such. The US Department of Labor just completed an eight-month investigation and found that he:

  • Didn’t pay the prevailing minimum wage to his field workers
  • Didn’t follow laws requiring proper records
  • Didn’t provide legally required disclosures for employees informing them of their rights
  • Didn’t provide wage statements

Another small business owner picked on by the Feds for making a few unintentional mistakes? Mmmm, hardly. Besides being a lawmaker, Brent:

Brent can be reached at His son, Rodney, who runs the farm, can be reached at And here’s the Jackson Farm feedback form. Send them your hearty congratulations.

We learned of this situation via Indy Week and their reporter, Paul Blest, and supplemented their reporting with articles from The News & Observer (Lynn Bonner) Thanks! Here are several related articles: