The owner of a car wash that allegedly confiscated tips and retaliated against the workers who complained appears to have reached a settlement with the workers and their advocates.

The Arise Chicago Workers Center, which works on behalf of car wash workers, filed four Unfair Labor Practice complaints with the National Labor Relations Board against Zipps Carwash/ARRP Trucking and Hauling, located at 615 N. Ogden Avenue in Chicago. Arise also filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The scope of the settlement isn’t clear, nor is it clear whether the NLRB hearing on the retaliation charges will still go forth as scheduled in April.

Check out the article in In These Times, by Kari Lydersen. A few years ago, University of Illinois researchers published a study, “Clean Cars, Dirty Work: Workers Rights Violations in Chicago Car Washes” that demonstrates that the Zipps case isn’t an isolated one.

Five workers at Zipps claim that the owner, Thomas Pozdol, confiscated about $9,000 in tips over a three-month period.

In the complaints, Arise alleges that Pozdol fired some of the workers and cut others’ hours by over 50% when they complained about the illegal confiscation.