New York State continues to investigate and successfully prosecute labor law violations, this time against Papa John’s franchisees. The settlements did not name Papa John’s International.

Four Papa John’s franchisees will pay close to $500,000 in back wages and penalties to 250 workers for violations dating back to 2008. The franchisees admitted to the violations outlined in the settlement agreements.

In July, the NY attorney general had arrested another Papa John’s franchisee for minimum wage and overtime violations. He is expected to pay $230,000 and spend 60 days in jail. The US Department of Labor is joining the settlement and will recover an additional $280,000 in penalties.

And in February, two other Papa John’s franchisees were served judgments totaling almost $3 million.

“Employers who underpay their employees not only deprive workers of the funds needed to buy their food, pay their rent or attend to other necessities, they undercut those law-abiding employers who pay their employees properly in the first place,” said David Weil, Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division of the US DOL.