Domino’s Sued Again for Allegedly Paying Workers Less Than Minimum Wage” (Clint Rainey of Grubstreet). Note the word “again.” In 2014, 23 Domino’s locations in New York State got a $450,000 penalty and last year an additional 29 NY stores were hit with a $970,000 fine. The new suit is being brought by a worker who worked at five different Domino’s stores, and who calls the violations “systemic.” Clearly so.

NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman described it as a pattern of “illegally chiseling at the pay of minimum-wage workers.” Schneiderman appealed directly to Domino’s executives this time, saying, “My message for Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle is this: To protect the Domino’s brand, protect the basic rights of the people who wear the Domino’s uniform, who make and deliver your pizzas.”

And, apparently, your Papa John’s driver as well. The article notes similar patterns of abuse at Papa John’s.

You can help. Next time you get a pizza delivered, tip your driver well (that might be all they make!) and tell them about HourVoice. Seriously, you’ll be doing them a favor.