Worker advocates come in many forms…

  • Worker Centers
  • Labor Unions
  • Plaintiff Attorneys
  • Regulators

…and have different methods…

  • Education
  • Collective bargaining
  • Litigation
  • Penalties

…but they all work to improve workers’ lives. Their constituents are often the lowest-paid and the least powerful.

HourVoice™ helps these advocates quickly identify and contact those who most need their help. Instead of playing a reactive game of “whack-a-mole,” they can be strategic. Here’s how:

  • Workers answer survey questions about pay, hours, benefits and other aspects of their workplace. HourVoice anonymizes and aggregates at the location level (e.g., Acme Store A is distinct from Acme Store B). Our clients can send unique questions and insights to their members or key populations.
  • HourVoice visualizes the data to identify patterns of abuse or discontent.
  • Worker advocates can then identify “hot spots” and develop comprehensive strategies to help those workers.
  • We’re a first-party provider of high-quality, current data. Advocates can ask to contact workers who have specific profiles, and HourVoice gives those workers the opportunity to “opt in” to that contact. To protect workers, we don’t sell names or emails.

Use Cases

Worker Centers and Labor Unions
HourVoice helps identify and target hotspots – industries, locations, and issues – then brokers contact with disaffected workers for organizing or educating. To keep them safe, workers explicitly “opt in” – HourVoice doesn’t sell lists or names.

HourVoice’s HourTracker and Questions/Insights can also be valuable services to members. You can provide your own questions and insights to make sure your members get the information they need.

Plaintiff Attorneys
HourVoice helps identify plaintiff classes, and brokers contact with with plaintiffs in an ethical manner.

HourVoice identifies patterns of wage theft and violations of labor laws. Regulators can focus on the biggest offenders, getting the most of the enforcement budget.

Worker-Friendly Officials & Candidates
HourVoice can broker opt-in contacts with constituents and voters.