Even though the federal minimum wage is stuck at $7.25/hour for non-tipped workers and $2.13 for tipped workers, a bunch of cities and a couple states, plus one county, have increased their minimum hourly wage on July 1:

StateLocationBeforeEffective 7/1Notes
IllinoisChicago, IL$10.00$10.50
CaliforniaEl Cerrito$10.00$11.60
Malibu$10.00$10.50For companies with > 25 employees
Emeryville$12.25/14.44$13.00/14.82$14.82 for co’s with > 55 employees, $13 for <= 55
Los Angeles County$10.00$10.50
Los Angeles$10.00$10.50
San Francisco$12.25$13.00
Santa Monica$10.00$10.50
Louisville$7.75$8.25Pending state Supreme Court decision
OregonOregon$9.25$9.50/9.75Rural Businesses / Non-Rural

The Economic Policy Institute maintains a comprehensive map of minimum and subminimum (tipped) wages across the country.

Note that the federal minimum non-tipped wage has been in effect since 2009, and the subminimum wage (for tipped workers) hasn’t changed since 1991. Because, as you well know, you’re such a good tipper.

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